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Alejandro Duprat: Waldkonzert, Music for Horn, Wagner Tuba and Flugelhorn

Released may 16th, 2021



Waldkonzert, Music for Horn, Wagner Tuba and Flugelhorn

Horn Trio
1 - 4. Wilhelm Wurm (1826-1904) Waldkonzert

Allegro moderato • A la chase • Andante • Allegro

For other Horns
5. Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Mein Herr und Gott de la Opera Lohengrin (Wagner Tuba and piano version) *

6. Antoine Tisné (1932) Chant de Nuit (Flugelhorn and piano version)

Horn soli at the opera
7. Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921) Hansel und Gretel - Prelude - Lento (1893)

8. Carl Marla von Weber (1786-1826) Der Freischutz - Huntsmen's Chorus - Allegro (1821)

9. Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) Don Carlo - Prelude - Andante sostenuto assai (1867)

The combined Horn
10. Heinrich Molbe Ronde de Printemps op 78 for Horn, Alto saxophone and piano *

11 - 13. William Presser (1916) Three duets for horn and bass clarinet *
Allegro • Andante • Vivo

14. Mario Ruiz Armengol (In memoriam) Romanza (Horn and piano version)

15. Jorge Vidales (1969) Llamado, for horn and piano

16. Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915) Romance for horn and piano

Horn Duos
17 Henri Kling (1842-1918) La chasse for two horns

18. Jacques Gallay (1795-1878) Andante Champêtre

With small orchestra
19. Manuel Esperón (1911-2011) Canción serenata **

20. Edgardo Donato Julian. Tango **

* World Premieres 2003 ** arrangements for radio orchestra by Manuel Esperón

French Horn, Alejandro Duprat Esperón (Mexico City, 1963), has been active more than 35 years, with experience in Mexico City's symphonic and operatic scenes. He is currently an active member of the french horn section of the Orquesta del Teatro de Bellas Artes, Mexico’s most important opera company.