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Lanzamiento 14 noviembre 2022



1.Chant Nuit
(Inspired by the work of Antoine Tisné, arrg. Julian Duprat Petrich)
2. Flor de Azálea
(Manuel Esperón, arrg. Julian Duprat Petrich)
3. 3 x 3 Über 3
(Ben Lehmann)
4. Impro I
5. Huecanías
(Traditional Xoxotla, Morelos, Mexico, arrg. Julian Duprat Petrich)
6.Impro II
7.Puliksón: El Murciélago
(Traditional Huasteca, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, arrg. Julian Duprat Petrich)
(Inspired by the work of Olivier Messiaen, arrg. Julian Duprat Petrich)
9. Beißer
(Johannes Schmitz)

The first discographical work of Monigote consists and is inspired by the timeless and universal nature of music. The pieces contained on this album have a very diverse and colourful background:

Canteyodjaja and Chant de Nuit are adaptations inspired on the work of Oivier Messiaen (1908-1992) and Antoine Tisné (1932-1998), two French composers of the 20th Century.
On the other hand we have music out of the Mexican folklore: Huecanías, originally sung in Náhuatl, a language spoken by natives in the central region of Mexico; El Murciélago, is one of the hundredths of dances conforming the Puliksón, ritual and festivity by the Tenek people in the east-mexican Huasteca region. Flor de Azálea, a song out of the movie “Algo Flota Sobre el Agua” from 1948, written by the film music composer Manuel Esperón (1911-2011), who was the great-grand father of the drummer Julian Duprat P.
The rest of the pieces are originals, Beißer composed by Johannes Schmitz and 3 Mal 3 Über 3 by Ben Lehmann. And the two collective improvisations: Impro I and Impro II; interpretations without any preconceived parameters, just letting the music exist and expand as it is played.

The element that homogenize all this different worlds, is the improvisation. Each of this pieces work like a jumping platform to an open and spontaneous playing; and suddenly they find themselves on the same musical level, where the time and place of precedence blur, letting the music be music.

Drummer Julian Duprat Petrich (1994, Mexico City) grew in a family of musicians and started his musical education at a very early age. In 2014 he moved to Germany to study drums with Heinrich Köbberling and finished his musical studies Bachelor of Music, Jazz and Current Music at the Hochschule für Musik Saar, in Saarbrücken Germany.
He has shared the stage with musicians like Stefan Scheib, Jan Klare, Christof Thewes, Johannes Schmitz, Tobias Hoffmann, Martin Schulte, Martin "Schmiddi“ Schmidt, Hartmut Oßwald, and many others.
Currently he is active as a freelance musician and teacher, parallel to his photography studies at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen, Germany.